Seeking Escape From Caliphate Prison But Sabotaging Jail-Break Designs By MNN ALLIANCE – LNC

As torrents of anxious enquiries continue to pour into the LNC Secretariat from our People everywhere across the globe following the LNC Public Communications regarding the Criminality and Toxic Malfeasances of the Rogue “Biafra” Franchise Merchants, we share with you one of the responses made to one of the enquirers who pleaded for what he described as ‘unification of efforts’ :

“You want Liberation from Prison where you are held with others. You go shouting all over the place: “We want Freedom”, “We want Freedom”, with absolutely no designs of your own on how to attain it.

An organization that already devised and deployed a Grand Strategy that is almost fully executed, to crash that Prison and free all the captives including you, whispers to you and invites you into a little role. For no reason other than selfish mercantilism, you adamantly rejected the Jail-Break Designs which involved all the the captives and Instead went doing things that debilitate and endanger the Grand Strategy, causing huge setbacks and avoidable bloodshed.

After 6 years, when your totally uncharted Noise, Propaganda and Commotion laced with deceits and insults leads nowhere, you hop behind the microphone to start laying claims to the outcomes from the methods you rejected, denigrated and sabotaged massively, throwing cheap lies and propaganda all around.

The LNC will not allow those criminals near what it is doing because their objectives that begins and ends with quick gains and self-aggrandizement have not changed”.

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