The ”Biafra Restoration” Multitude And The Lower Niger Liberation Project : Notes Of Clarification- TONY NNADI

In response to a passionate plea by an IPOB sympathizer in one of the LNC Platforms in the US for Unification of efforts by all Groups pursuing the Liberation of Eastern Nigeria from the the Bondage of Nigeria, Tony Nnadi of the LNC responded as follows:

“Let it be made clear that it took four straight years of continuous engagements (2013-2017) even amidst serial Deliberate Falsehoods, Propaganda and Dangerous Treacheries by the Proprietors of the “Biafra Restoration” enterprise, for the LNC to reach the definitive conclusion that Nnamdi Kanu and his Man-Friday Uche Mefor are clear-minded frauds committed only to the goals of their nefarious enterprise, for which the LNC had to Publicly Categorize them as a Proprietors the “Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise” in September 2017 after a Retreat in Washington DC where the LNC received into its food, the Leaderships of the other “Biafra” Agitation Groups that had embraced the LNC Template, including MASSOB whose Members constitute the bulk of the “Biafra Restoration” Footsoldiers (Multitudes) we saw on the streets of Eastern Nigeria between 2015 and 2017.

Subsequent incorrigible and most negative actions of the IPOB Leadership up to the present time in March 2020, not only reinforce the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise Categorization, but our Collaborators in deep Washington and at the UN in New York (who had Independently found out the scam the Franchise Proprietors are), actually watch out for any LNC involvement with that scam and I can assure us that there is no intention to get muddled up or entangled with those bogus characters and cold-calculating criminals.

They only got worse post-September 2017 and became more determined to do their evil, not minding the innocent blood being wasted and most unnecessarily too, in the Homeland by their chosen methods as well as the grave danger their greed pose to the Success of the Liberation Project.

On the home front, I am sure that many of us have seen several video clips where the Leaders of the Self-Determination Initiatives from the Non-Igbo Nationalities in the Lower Niger Territory trenchantly disavow the Igbo-Biafra which Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB has progressively presented itself to be, some of those Non-Igbo Self-Determination Group Leaders threatening mayhem should the madness of the Igbo “Supreme Leader” of IPOB encroach into their space. These are the same people who had wholeheartedly embraced the LNC Paradigm for the Liberation of the Greater Eastern Nigeria (Lower Niger) from the Caliphate Bondage.

Incidentally, many of our People, especially the US Diaspora are under the erroneous impression that without the “multitudes” of Igbo IPOB minders, Members, supporters and sympathizers, hoodwinked by the Biafra-Now-Now opium, the Liberation Project may not succeed.

Far from it. The happy reality is that the Greater Eastern Nigeria Liberation Project as encapsulated by the LNC/MNN Template and Strategy Designs, which is well on course to take down the Caliphate Monster masquerading as Unitary Nigeria currently holding us (and others) down in bondage, does not require that so-called “multitude” to succeed and to deliver Independence/Self-Determination to our People and other Blocs Entrapped in the Toxic, Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 that goes by the codename “Nigeria”.

Let us note that :

(1) It was not that multitude that went quietly to persuade the other Nationalities of the Lower Niger to join forces with the Igbo to Liberate the Peoples of the Lower Niger Territory, aggregating the 1967 Biafra and 1967 Midwest, (Greater Biafra if you wish). It was the LNC that did.

(2) It was not that multitude that went round to persuade our Yoruba and Middle Belt brethren who are now equally being killed by the rampaging and murderous Fulani Invaders, to band together as an Alliance of the South and Middle Belt to isolate, defeat and oust the Caliphate Sharia Monster masquerading as “Nigeria” in their Homelands. It was the LNC-led MNN Alliance that did.

(3) It was not that multitude that identified and devised a Strategy for Taking Down the Rogue 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, as the key instrument by which we and the rest of Nigeria are enslaved by the Fulani-led Caliphate. It was the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners.

(4) It was not that multitude that went to Washington DC to persuade the US on the need for a US Intervention in what ISIS/ISWAP/BH/ISGS Terror Machinery and their Fulani “Herdsmen”/Caliphate hosts were doing in Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region, particularly the Ethno-Religious Killings, for which the US is now on the verge of appointing a US Special Envoy for Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin, having first put Nigeria on a Special Watch List for those same Infractions raised. It was the LNC that did.

(5) It was not that multitude that went to New York to persuade the UN to dispatch the UN Special Rapporteur on Nigeria to come and take a close look at the Pernicious, Conflict-Breeding Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria, which the Special Rapporteur adjudged to be like a PRESSURE-COOKER FOR INJUSTICE, which is now a danger to the Global Community. It was the LNC that did.

(6) It is not that multitude that is currently rallying the whole of Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria towards the impending Constitutional Force Majeure primed to trigger a chain of events that will terminate the life of the Toxic 1999 Constitution and precipitate UN Security Council-Mandated Self-Determination Referendums in the Alliance Territories. It is the LNC.

Let it be made clear that when the Referendum Threshold is reached in the LNC RoadMap/Template, great Multitudes of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in the Homeland, numbering over 70 Million, will not require the irritating, distracting and meddlesome middleman-ship of the phantom “multitude” now being bandied about, to be “persuaded” to vote an overwhelming YES for Freedom. In other words, when the opportunity of a Referendum is created, our People will not require anyone, including the IPOB “multitude”, to convince them to vote an overwhelming YES for Freedom.

Moreover, not many know how deep-rooted the LNC is in the Homeland or even the fact that the LNC was on ground at the grassroots since 2009 in the Homeland long before the “Biafra Restoration” bandwagon turned up in 2013 with their totally uncharted and disruptive commotion which began to damage both the Delicate, painstakingly emplaced Internal Regional Cohesion in the Lower Niger and the Strategic Multi-Regional Alliance with the rest of Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria, distorting in the process the Winning Narrative already embraced by Washington and New York, for the Grand Containment of the Murderous, Terror-Assisted Fulani Caliphate in Nigeria and West Africa.

In all, the LNC/MNN Template does not require anything from the vacuous commotion of the rowdy Biafra Restoration multitude to deliver on the Self-Determination Goal for the Greater Eastern Nigeria.

Amidst the debilitating setbacks caused the Liberation Project by the Proprietors of the “Biafra Restoration” bandwagon, (who frequently stole and bastardized Project Ideas from the LNC), the only useful purpose that multitude and their directionless razzmatazz served, was to distract the enemy while the most critical maneuvers of the Liberation Project were being undertaken.

The Proprietors of the commotion have more than compensated themselves in material terms and vainglorious self-promotion. The LNC will bear its pains of many years and move on with the quiet execution of its Strategic Designs STRICTLY according to its RoadMap but will not endanger the Liberation Project by allowing determined and totally unconscionable criminals near its Operations in the name of undefined “Unity”.

For those hoodwinked by the Rogue Biafra Franchise scam, I can confirm to us that contrary to the numerous photoshopped and doctored video impressions being created by the criminal Proprietors of the Rogue Global Biafra Franchise, as at today in March 2020 , there is no single Official of the United States Government who is in any form of discussion with the Proprietors of the totally meaningless “Biafra Restoration” enterprise since the drivers of that enterprise cannot even put on the table, a viable Map of the “Biafra” Territory over which they seek Independence because none of them had gone to sit down with the Non-Igbo Nationalities whose Territories are presumably included in the Biafra that is being Restored whereas the LNC spent six straight years between 2003 and 2009 to engage and secure the consensus of the Institutional Leaderships of the Peoples of those Non-Igbo Territories into the LNC Paradigm.

Similarly, I can also confirm to us that contrary to numerous photoshopped claims, as at March 2020, there is no single Diplomat in any Decision-Making position at the UN, involved in any discussion with the “Biafra Restoration” elements.

The proofs of these specific factual assertions made here will be provided privately upon request, (just to minimize what might seem to distant spectators like Igbo dancing naked in the marketplace), otherwise those evidence can be put out there to the wider public in full.

For those of our People who may genuinely be concerned about “Unity” amongst the various Groups in the Liberation efforts, let us be reminded that Nigeria which had been UNIFIED since 1914 has to date, not become UNITED. The simple reason is that there has never been any genuine UNIFYING VISION for the Nigerian Project. In the same vein, beyond the terribly flawed character traits of Nnamdi Kanu (including congenital dishonesty and treachery), the crux of the dispute between the LNC and the so-called “Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon, at the organizational-level is solely on Question of the Irreconcilable Differences in STRATEGY and METHODOLOGY on a scale that simply spell SUCCESS or FAILURE. The adamant refusal of the “Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon to EITHER present any viable alternative to, OR come to terms with the 8-Point Strategy Design of the LNC which show clearly the HOW for dismantling the Nigeria cage we are trapped in, (with others), is reason why the LNC is focusing its energies on the balance of populace outside the Biafra Restoration bandwagon/merchants and unwilling to waste any further energies and time trying to engage those who without any RoadMap of their Own, seek “Biafra” but denigrate and sabotage the LNC Strategy-Based Designs to take town the Monster holding Eastern Nigeria in bondage. I am sure many here already saw the video clip of the Interview of Nnamdi Kanu by Iroko TV’s Rudolf Okonkwo in New York (see below) where Nnamdi Kanu who earlier made frantic but unsuccessful efforts to have a Meeting with me In Houston in the desperate bid to hatch a pretense that we was somehow involved with the LNC Team’s Engagements in Washington DC. He even enlisted the support of the Igbo elders in Houston to help him put pressure on me. It was after that bid to meet with me failed that he went on in the said Interview, (below) to castigate and dismiss as a lie, the strenuous efforts of the LNC Team in Capitol Hill June/July 2019 to secure US Action against the Ethno-Religious Killings in Nigeria. He essentially told his audience both in the Town Halls he had in Houston and New York and in the said Interview with Rudolf Okonkwo, that whatever Tony Nnadi of the LNC was doing in Capitol Hill had nothing to do with his so-called“Biafra Restoration”.

For emphasis, there can be no better evidence of incorrigibility and bare-faced criminality than the fact that after the very Painful Treacheries of the years 2013 to 2017, the same criminals who massively sabotaged and denigrated the LNC efforts both in Nigeria and in the US, now jump out in 2020 when the fruits of those LNC’s quiet efforts are beginning to manifest, both in Nigeria and the US, to claim to be leading those efforts, whether it be the for the push to Take Down Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, or for Referendum in the Lower Niger Territory or for US Intervention in the Ethnic-Religious Killings going on in Nigeria. The LNC would therefore ask those who are suggesting all kinds of unification to first address themselves to these issues and to the even more important issues of Strategy and Methodology which is where the LNC completely parts way with the “Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon.

The aforementioned LNC 8-Point Strategy Package define the basis of what should be the Unifying Vision for the Self-Determination Campaign of the Greater Eastern Nigeria.
(Here is the link to the aforementioned 8-Point Strategy Package : ).

The LNC would advise those amongst our People who seek Unity of the Groups to please critically examine this LNC Strategy Document and the LNC RoadMap anchored on it. Unless any of the Biafra Groups is able to table a better alternative for all of us to review, the LNC will focus 100% on it’s Clear-Cut Strategy and RoadMap which is so far delivering accurately on it’s Key Milestones and Objectives, sure to reach its Goal.

As the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners push into the Decisive Terminal Stages of their 20-Year RoadMap and the Constitutional Majeure that will trigger a chain of events, the LNC wishes to make it abundantly clear that the noise and buzz of the so-called “Biafra Restoration” adds nothing but setbacks, distortions and avoidable difficulties to the execution of the already difficult task of Taking Down the Monster Holding Eastern Nigeria in Bondage and Servitude.

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Tony Nnadi

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